Free advice on setting up a club, project planning and financing, among other things

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NARUD e.V., Network for Participation and Sustainable Development, has been active as an association for over 10 years and is strongly networked at federal and state level. We know the hurdles from founding the association to the successful work of the association. Since most of the associations work primarily on a voluntary basis, they have only limited human and temporal resources. They show only a low level of professionalism and little experience in project work. They are also insufficiently networked with the administration and important local institutions and structures.


In addition to the successful development of projects, the focus is on acquiring funding and applying for it. We would like to support you in your work with our offers.



Strengthening associations and initiatives

You want to set up an association and need advice

You have an association and you need support

You have questions about project management: Development, implementation and financing of projects

Would you like to network with other organizations?

You need support with project funding: State funding, federal funding, EU funding


Seminars, workshops

for representatives of associations, initiatives and multipliers The topics are based on your demand, e.g. B .:


  • Successful public relations and networking
  • Funding: State and federal funds, foundations
  • Support with the application process in digital form
  • Project management: development, implementation, administration
  • Communication, moderation and conflict management
  • Attract employees and volunteers for the work of the association

Advice by appointment


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