Cameroon Culture Association asks for Donations in kind and money for the Flood victims in northern Cameroon


The new year began for the people of northern Cameroon with unusually heavy and devastating rains and floods in which thousands in the region on the border with Nigeria lost their huts, fields and cattle. The Cameroon Culture Association from Spandauer Galenstrasse, which is not only active in the district, urgently asks for support with donations in kind and money in order to provide many the necessary help and support for self-help in cooperation with a reliable local partner association. Although most of the information, including that from the Federal Foreign Office, shows a steppe climate for northern Cameroon, with short rainy seasons that usually end in November, the days from June 6th to 8th are due to climate change. January in localities of the Mayo-Sava department and most recently on the night of January 22nd to 23rd in Maga Nvele and Kaikai such violent storms happened, with unimaginable amounts of rain that caused devastating floods with thousands of homeless people. The Cameroon Culture Association, located in Spandauer Galenstrasse 7, has already collected a number of donations in kind, with urgently needed items for daily use, with blankets, sleeping bags and bed linen, with clothing, shoes and equipment but also with all kinds of tools and materials for repair and reconstruction, for bricklaying and carpentry work but also with sewing machines and fabrics. In particular, there is a lack of money for transport and customs so that all of this can be brought to Cameroon as quickly and as safely as possible. According to Marie-Antoinette Oldorff from the Cameroon Culture Association eV, a local NGO association from the capital Yaounde ensures that the donations in kind and money also reach those affected by the floods and so on site in the spirit of Universal Human Development enable the necessary help for self-help.


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