This year’s DIASPORA summer academy focuses on anti-colonial education. We understand this to be an approach that does not regard colonialism as a completed historical phase, but as a method of colonialism (historical and current – see the colonial realities of territories such as Puerto Rico to the USA or Ceuta and Melilla to Spain etc.) in its economic, to understand the political, social, cultural and psychological dimension and to counter this with partisan resistance concepts. Our perspective takes up the theoretical and political achievements of post- and decolonial approaches, but places anti-colonial knowledge and struggles at the center of our knowledge transfer.

At the symposium, as practitioners, we want to dedicate ourselves to conveying anti-colonial topics (historical as well as current) with the various content and methodological approaches. We want to network and learn from each other.

For this purpose, there will be impulse lectures by experienced practitioners of anti-colonial education in Germany, space for self-reflection, as well as the possibility of direct exchange among colleagues. Our speakers this year are Angelo Camufingo, Amanda Luna and Catherine Abon.
The DIASPORA Summer Academy is a full-day conference by and for educational actors from the Global South / Tricont or diasporic / migrant non-white educational actors. Eleonora Roldán Mendívil, project coordinator at NARUD e.V., will moderate the day.

Angelo Camufingo is a German / Angolan activist as well as diversity and inclusion consultant and student anti-racism speaker at the University of Potsdam. He also works as a trainer on anti-racism. He is currently completing his Master of Education in English and French. Angelo is currently researching the development of transcultural discourses in framework curricula in German schools, knowledge hierarchies and auto-ethnographic work on power structures and racist continuities.

Topic: Antocolonial Education and Africa

Amanda Luna, born in Peru Huánuco, is Quechua and an activist for the defense of the rights of indigenous peoples and mother nature, and works at the University of Aachen in the field of health research. Because of her activism, she continuously leads workshops on social and political issues from the perspective of the people affected. Your focus is on working far from the Eurocentric point of view. For them the connection to the country and to indigenous social groups in Peru is particularly important. These perspectives should be strengthened. Through her life in Germany, her perspective expanded again and showed her how both works: the preservation and strengthening of indigenous cultures and the interaction with other perspectives on anti-colonialism and anti-racism.

Topic: Antocolonial Education and the Americas

Dr. Catherine Abon is a geologist specializing in hydrology, teacher, educator and activist. She worked as a lecturer at the University of the Philippines and was active in an organization that works to ensure that science and technology serve all people. She has lived in Germany since 2011 and continues her political work, which focuses on promoting the rights of Filipino women here and in the Philippines as well as other migrant women of different nationalities. She is a member of the Philippine women’s organization Gabriela Germany, helped organize and acted as the first Anti-Colonial Month in Berlin in October / November 2019
as part of the interim council of the newly founded Europe-wide April 28 coalition for the rights and well-being of migrants and refugees.

Topic: Antocolonial Education and Asia
Read the report of the DIASPORA Summer Academy by NARUD e.V.


WANN : 22. August 2020 

ANMELDUNG : (begrentzer Teilnehmerzahl)