Development education

aims at global sustainable development. We are particularly concerned with making the global South’s perspectives heard and reducing global inequalities. Whether it is about unjust world trade, colonialism or climate justice – in our educational work we show connections, enable a change of perspective, demand acceptance of responsibility and encourage the development of options for action for a fairer and more sustainable world society. To this end, we organize specialist conferences in which experts have their say who are otherwise often not heard. Decision-makers from politics, science and administration as well as multipliers from the population receive new impulses and can network.
Our current focus within the project “Remembering and Participating” is dealing with the colonial era and the UN Decade for people of African descent and origin. A part of our development policy education work consists of Fachtagungen (conferences) as well as the annual soccer tournament the “Interkulturelle Fußballturnier”.

In the framework program, the participants are introduced to development policy issues on a low-threshold basis, e.g. in exhibitions and at numerous stands of organizations and associations as well as through the stage program.
To implement global learning, we offer project days, project weeks and working groups in schools, as well as training for teachers. Ours has a special place here: Diaspora Sommerakademie des Globalen Lernens. At the annual specialist event, teachers from the Global South (or its diaspores) can train, network and reflect on their role in global learning.