Anti-Discrimination Work

NARUD e.V. is the Registerstelle der Berliner Register for the borough Berlin-Mitte where it records and documents right-wing activities (including propaganda and even acts of violence) along with racist incidences, anti-black racism, anti-muslim racism, anti-Semitism, antiziganism and hostility towards the LGBTQI* community in Berlin. Attacks based on social status or cases of hostility towards the disabled are also recorded. The registry office in Mitte offers those affected initial advice and referral advice, and informs the public and politicians based on our regular analytical evaluations of the incidents recorded. The register work also includes recruiting and supporting other organizations as contacts. There is an intensive cooperation with the network of registry offices in the other Berlin districts.

Other fields of engagement are school and political education. NARUD e.V. has gained expertise in anti-discrimination work in recent years in projects such as prevention and intervention through intercultural education – PIIP. This also includes the expansion of political education, especially with regard to racism and anti-racism. Our focus is on the perspectives of people who have experienced racism – migrants and non-white people in general.

As part of our development policy education in Germany (Globales Lernen) we offer student working groups (AGs), project days and weeks at schools in Berlin. We also regularly conduct advanced training for teachers and actors in educational work on topics that illuminate the relationships between the Global North and the Global South.

As part of the promotional agency for anti-discriminatory education in Wedding – Promotor*innenstelle Diskriminierungsfreie Bildung , we are opening up exchange spaces in order to specifically break down barriers with schools, educational actors, parents and students from Berlin-Wedding and thus encourage all students in their individual development. To this end, in addition to networking in the Kiez and across Berlin, we carry out advanced training for educational specialists, offer advice and empowerment rooms for parents. For students, for example we create room to exchange ideas on anti-discrimination and anti-racism in empowerment workshops.
In addition, as part of the UN Decade for People of African Origin and Descent, we developed SAfE – Stärkung Afrikanischer Eltern – Strengthening African Parents – to support the educational success of the children of this particularly important target group.